Welcome to Seabed Technologies, LLC

Seabed Technologies LLC (SBT) is a new business unit founded to manufacture patent pending marine concrete construction mattresses with our proprietary cost-saving process. SBT draws on our sister company Er-Con Technologies’ 35 year track record of designing, fabricating and installing millions of square feet of engineered concrete grout fabric structures throughout the United States and overseas. Our decades of experience with fabric-form technologies have allowed us to adapt for common uses in subsea oil and gas production, pipeline construction and maintenance and repair, plus custom applications at competitive costs. SBT SeaMats are pre-cast concrete mattresses to be lifted and set in place. SeaMats can be constructed in virtually any size and weight depending upon the client’s requirements. SBT ScourMats can be manufactured in situ on land or underwater for special purposes such as scour control, pipeline span supports and pipeline cover in applications where limited crane capacity or shallow water depth preclude the use of conventional mats. Special custom shapes and structures can be engineered for one-off projects in shallow or deep water for pipeline reinforcement, span correction or protective cover. Please browse the remainder of our site for specific examples and also information regarding our sister companies.

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