SeamatSBS produces patent pending SeaMats™, Scourmats and J-Lay SeaMats™. These systems perform in the same manner as conventional pre-cast mats but with specific improvements in construction methodology that enhance their cost effectiveness and reduce overall project costs.

Seabed Services SeaMat and J-Lay SeaMat fabric-formed articulating concrete construction mattresses are designed for all sub-sea concrete construction mattress purposes,Seamat including pipeline protection, anti-scour systems, and pipeline-crossing separation structures, span support and more. SeaMats can be set with SBS’s diver and ROV compatible handling system in the conventional horizontal position. Patent pending J-Lay SeaMats are engineered in sizes up to 20’x 60’x9” to be lifted from one end or side. This method of setting mats on edge minimizes the size and weight of the mat rigging and reduces the dynamic load on the lifting equipment while in transport through the water column. SeaMats can also be placed in double layers in a single lift. The dimensions of SeaMats set in this manner are limited only by the crane capacity of Double Seamatthe work vessel. In cases where it is desirable to move or recover mats from the seafloor, a simple and inexpensive lifting bar can be permanently incorporated into the mat for a single point lifting connection that can safely be reattached to a crane with diver or ROV assistance.

The fabric forms for SeaMats are manufactured in SBS’s Houston facility and can be transported in bulk, ready to inject with structural grout anywhere concrete is commercially available. Up to (400) 8’ x 20’ or 10’ x 30’ SeaMat forms can be palletized and loaded onto a 44 foot tractor trailer. Up to (200) 8’ x 20’ SeaMat fabric forms can be loaded into a standard 20’ shipping container. Once injected with structural groutat the project staging location, SeaMats or J-Lay SeaMats can be loaded directly onto a project support vessel or barge and be transported to the offshore location. Because of this versatility in manufacturing, the high cost of transporting quantities of finished mats from a central manufacturing facility is eliminated.seamat fabrication

J-Lay SeaMats™ are designed such that they incorporate the ability to be set from one end, minimizing crane loading and dynamic loading during travel to the seabed. Larger individual mat sizes combined with the efficiency of the J-Lay SeaMat™ handling system reduces installation times by significant orders of magnitude.

SeaMats™or SBS’s new ScourMats can be pumped underwater from small or shallow vessels for in applications where maximum resistance to tractive forces is desirable, or where positive support for pipeline spans is indicated.