Off-shore Erosion Control


Seabed Technologies LLC (SBT) is the marine provider of fabric formed concrete products within the SBS group of companies.  SBT provides pre-cast articulating concrete mats in every format required by the offshore oil and gas industry plus unique sizes, handling characteristics and logistics found no other place in the US.  SBT is only domestic provider of patent pending pump-in-place subsea concrete mats and patent pending “J-Lay” handling capabilities.  SBT can recommend and provide a full range of standard or exotic high strength grouts for specific applications.
Additional products include all fabric-formed product available to the general market, from simple grout bags, custom pipeline support structures to patent pending enclosed grout bags and mats for zero-discharge conditions, pile wrapping forms, and more.


SBT personnel and equipment are available to work with your marine contractor, pipeline contractor or diving contractor for most general grouting work.  Our cost effective and portable systems can be utilized for ScourMat installations, grout bags or custom grout support structures, flooded member grouting, void correction and other miscellaneous applications.