SBS’ patent pending J-Lay SeaMat technology is a system of lay wherein mats are lowered to the seabed with a temporary catenary to increase the landing area upon touchdown. 

After alignment of the leading end, manual or acoustic release of the catenary tension rigging will allow the mat to relax and lay out in its final location on the sea floor. 

The primary benefits of J-Lay technology are the comparatively light weight rigging required and the reduction of dynamic loads while transporting large mats through the water column by virtue of the reduced surface area exposed to tractive forces. 

When the rigging weight and dynamic loading are significantly reduced, the productivity of the marine installation equipment is improved by the pound-for-pound gain of product placed on bottom over wasted crane capacity. 

The end result is improved installation times of half the current rate of productivity or better at a marginal increase in the cost of SeaMats constructed for the J-Lay process. The deeper the project, the greater the savings.