Typical Completed Projects

East Cote Blanche Bay, Louisiana

This project was the forerunner of ScourMats and the inspiration behind SBT’s full line of services and products.  This ScourMat was installed in 1999 on a 14” oil pipeline.  The completed structure is over 950 feet long and 30 feet wide.  It is a single monolithic articulating structure, not small pieces of mat joined with vulnerable rope-on-rope connections. 

The tubular appendages on both sides are called ScourBrakes; self-burying tubes that protect the main mat from undermining or flipping by storm surge and wave action.  They are connected to the mat with the same integral high strength Duravet tendons used throughout.  The result is a stronger installation capable of withstanding Hurricane Katrina and every other area storm since early 1999 when it was installed.