Typical Completed Projects

Galveston Bay Span Correction and Pipeline Cover

A large oil pipeline company experienced a major span of their 14” oil pipeline under the Galveston Railroad Causeway on Galveston Island.  The pipeline had a span approximately 80 feet long directly underneath the causeway and a total of 450 feet of pipe that was shallow or exposed.  The original project plans required two crane barges to cross-haul mats under the causeway, four barge tugs and material barges to supply mats and numerous truckloads of pre-cast mat to correct the problem.  The client had allocated 45 days for the project.
Instead of pre-cast mats, SBT provided ScourMat pipe support fabric forms for the client’s divers to place and inflate under the span.  SBT also provided the ScourMat forms to cover the 450 feet of shallow and exposed pipe with armoring.

The total elapsed time to complete the work was under 10 days.  The crane barge and tug already on site was utilized for diving support.  No material barges, tugs or trucks were required to get materials to the work site.  The cost saving the client experience was staggering compared to the conventional plan of setting pre-cast mat.