SeaMat fabric forms are durable, compact and man-portable before inflation with grout. Up to (400) 8’ x 20’ fabric forms can be loaded on a single 40 foot mini-float truck. Competing systems would require up to 100 tractor-trailer trucks to deliver the same quantity of product. Up to 150 SeaMats or our handling frame will fit inside a standard 20’ shipping container. 

The picture on the left is thirty 8’ x 20’ x 9” palletized SeaMats ready to shrink-wrapand transport to location. The right side shows a common SUV carrying four 10’ x 30’ x 9” SeaMats plus the minimum equipment required to manufacture SeaMats at the location of our clients’ choice. 

SBS’s trained crews can manufacture a minimum of 50 SeaMats per day, per five man crew per eight hour shift. SeaMats can be handled within 24 hours and set within five to seven days with ordinary grout, depending on temperature.